Annual vine supports

When growing tomatoes, cucumbers, or other fruiting vines in raised beds, you really need strong supports. Those flimsy hoop things at the garden center are useless for plants in good soil.

Trellises are the best option in most cases:

Tomatoes on a trellis in Bala-Cynwyd
Tomatoes on a trellis in Bala-Cynwyd
Cucumbers on a trellis here on the farm
Cucumbers on a trellis here on the farm

Though with small vines or vines that are planted late in the season, cages will do.

Cages for cherry tomatoes that were planted a couple months late

Cages work for big plants too, though I find them harder to work with, especially when harvesting.

A row of cages in a Penn Valley garden

Or have fun mixing and matching supports you happen to have in the garden shed!

Cucumbers on a mixed trellis of wood and red wire in Penn Valley

(This is a rough draft post I’m putting up to answer a question. Stay tuned for the updated version.)

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